by Sefano Giovannoni and Laufen


Room for indulgence: "ILBAGNOALESSI One is a modern classic. Its poetic, sensual design brings emotional depth to your bathroom. A creation of the prolific Italian designer, Sefano Giovannoni.


ILBAGNOALESSI One is a bathroom design that has cast its spell over the home design world for years: It is characterised by a timeless form, sparkling imagination and a hint of eccentricity. This design award-winning ensemble is the creation of Italian designer star, Stefano Giovannoni.


"Immediately I started work on the Alessi bathroom project the image occurred to me of water that smoothes the stone. I tried to use this symbol in various features of the bathroom: This is obvious in the case of the ceramics, which is always very close to this archetypal symbol. The other symbol we used is the pipe – the other element that makes water useful. The pipe is reflected in the shape of the faucets where it is combined with the reflective surfaces we are familiar with from water. So we come full circle."